Thursday, 13 October 2011

Texas Rockers' Hacienda

Hacienda consists of brothers Abraham Villanueva (piano/vocals), Jaime Villanueva (drums/vocals), Rene Villanueva (bass/vocals), and cousin Dante Schwebel (guitar/vocals). I first heard of Hacienda when they were apart of The Fast Five, Dan Auerbach's backing band for his solo album "keep it hid." In April I saw Hacienda open for The Greenhornes at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, they blew me away, ever since than I have been obsessed. 

Their first Album, "loud is the night," is a mix of rock n' roll and retro-pop, with harmonies that sound like The Beatles. The second album "Big and Red Barbacoa" (produced by Dan Auerbach) has a more 60's garage-band rock sound while showing off more of their "tex-mex" roots.


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