Sunday, 16 October 2011

Factory Girl

There are certain moments in my life that have had a greater influence on my style than others. Watching Factory Girl was one of those moments. The film is about Andy Warhol's muse; Edie Sedgewick. Warhol made her a "superstar" for simply just being herself; a style icon. She was not afraid to wear animal print, and mix it with different patterns and textures. She wore hats like no other, and ear rings that were to die for. Her style was so effortless and unique, I couldn't help but not want to look just like her.

Don't ever shelter yourself from any form of creativity, wether it be art, music, film, fashion, or some individual who is just plain interesting. When you expose yourself to new things, they influence you and help shape who you are as a person.
Don't miss YOUR "leopard jacket" moment!

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